Book Cover: Bound by Grace
Part of the The Grace Series series:

Some romances are a slow, steady climb. Some are love at first sight.

For Aggie and Liam, their souls were entwined from a very young age. There was never a time they weren’t each other’s champions.

What happens when life has other plans, and they are ripped apart? Join them on their journey through their romance, as unconventional as it may be. Watch them span a decade through love and loss.

Liam and Aggie are eternally bound by Grace.


*The Prequel novella to Caging Grace*

Publisher: Wheel House Publishing
Reviews:Sarah Hardwick on Amazon Reviewer wrote:

his may be short but it is jam packed with a huge story about life and love. The characters are relatable, real, and gritty. I love how the author brings real issues to light in her stories. One of the main characters spoke to me on a personal level as my mother dealt with schizophrenia until the day she died. The other main character is from an abusive home and has to navigate life with childhood trauma. That being said, it wasn't a super heavy read and schizophrenia and childhood trauma are only a part of who the characters are. The story is about childhood friends that are always there for each other and through the years their love grows stronger. Can't wait to read mofe!